Intro to Action Steps

For nearly 2 years we explored the topic, “Is America Broken?” Yes, America is broken….but it’s just not broken how you think.

We also found a lot of hope. There are many people, organizations and ways of living that are working to fix the brokenness of America. And, there are ways for all of us to get involved in making the change we want to see in the world.

There are Many Ways to Make We The People 2.0 a Reality - Let us Help You Find Your Way

In American society, each of these “seats of power” helps to weave the fabric that binds us together. In this view of the big picture, WE are just one voice among many other voices. Recently though WE have become a weak, divided voice.

Being divided makes us not just weak but makes us easy to manipulate. Ouch!

It was true at our founding and true today: Divided WE fall, and United WE stand. How do we re-establish the strength of WE? Get involved, that is how. It starts with re-establishing our foundation of respect and trust. WE Fight to Understand ourselves, each other, and our balance.

The survival of our American democracy and capitalism depends on balance and respect between these two key players: Business and WE the people. 

  • Without respect for business, we lose opportunities for individuals to take risks, show their creativity, and cooperate on wealth building. We also risk losing the economic engine that drives the spreading of wealth.
  • Without respect for WE the people, individuals lose the potential to have a work/life balance, which includes the American dream of achieving life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If we are to fulfill the dream of our founders, we therefore need respect for both business and WE the people. But, it takes work to find and keep this balance.

Look at who is walking the halls of Congress and who is financing elections. Less and less is it WE the people. 

Make no mistake…

WE  like business. Business fuels our world. But are there other things we should be measuring? Do we spend more time researching our lawn mowers instead of our next state Governor? Are we better consumers than citizens?  Are we human doings or human beings?

Together, business and WE The People can create beautiful harmony – if the two are in balance.  

What about the other seats of power?

We’re counting on the other seats of power to naturally come into balance after first Business and WE The People 2.0 come to balance.  

For decades WE have been letting Business take the lead, and accumulate power.  WE don’t have to continue to take a back seat.  WE are more than consumers.  

Are you ready to be heard? How do you want to take action?

Take an EZ Starter Step (I want to open my mind)
Consider just 7 ground rules (I want to make it safe for myself and others to be heard)
Explore the grassroots search tool (I want to find my passion)
Join a small online topical discussion (I want to flex my communication skills)
Form a Dynamic Duo or Trio (I’m ready to reach across the isle on a real topic)


To initiate change, you can expect a little discomfort.  When we suggest something even as simple as a movie or speaking with someone out of your circle, and your nose wrinkles, please give us the benefit of the doubt, give it a try, keep what works for you, and forgive us for what does not work.  To be a “new patriot” will involve some discomfort. 

Under Construction:

Like the American Experiment itself, the Action Steps are forever under construction and open to your creative twists. We believe that all “11 Secrets” from the book are represented in the Actions Steps, including: our spiritual rootedness in relationships; our search for meaning and happiness; the paradox of going alone or going together; our human struggle with vice, virtue, temptation, and triumph; a deep satisfaction of being part of something bigger than ourselves; being data driven; healthy feedback loops; and more. Can we say, “we tried to bake it all into the cake?”