Form a Dynamic Duo or Trio

(I’m ready to reach across the isle on a real topic)

A Dynamic Duo differs from a small online discussion in that (a) it is not facilitated, (b) it can optionally continue for multiple meetings, and (3) its aim is to reach an agreement statement.

Several organizations are already encouraging duo, or diad conversations.  While there is no facilitator, there are “road maps” to help your exploring.  Truly, two people who want to find a harmonious agreement can be VERY resourceful.  Thus Dynamic Duos and Trios become mini-generators of trust and of skill. The new-found faith in trust and skill can radiate like a pebble thrown in a calm pond.

To form a dynamic duo you can a) just do it, or b) do it with the help of an organization:                  

Or reach out to us at Fighting To Understand.  We are developing our strength in dynamic duos, trios, and small Patriot Platoons.  Send us an email with the link below.

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