We like this silly-sounding advice:

“It is easier to steer a bike when it is moving.” 😊

Yes, divided America looks like a BIG complicated mess, and we can feel frozen in our tracks, powerless!
Even so, we’ve found an on-ramp to getting involved. That is…
learning constructive disagreement skills… at your own pace. As we like to say, just show up!

You show up. We’ll provide a path, and some directions.

A first path, of course, is go to a Dinner and a Fight Dialogue™ event. And, there are more paths to learn from. Many are solo paths, some are with others. Choose what you’re attracted to.

Without constructive disagreement skills, we often rely on unproductive instincts of fight, flight, freeze, fold, or brush-under-the-rug. 

Let’s summarize: