From 19 “regular” Americans to All Americans . . .


Yes, America is broken.  Just not broken how you might guess.

We worked hard to put the concepts in plain language, remove the political mumbo jumbo, and overall make the complicated into “simply complicated.”

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You’re not a rocket scientist?

No problem. Every American can understand this big picture.

We try to make it easy with digestible video.

The video above shows one concept for engaging in the Fight To Understand

The Patriot Platoons in the video are ”conceptual.” If you wish to explore similar methods that are “real,” please Choose Your Grass Roots.

“We must, indeed, all hang together. Or most assuredly, we will all hang separately!”
- Ben Franklin

Are our children screwed?

You can help save America for our children by acting in small or BIG ways! There is HOPE and we will introduce you to a world of ways to get involved. We call it Civics 2.0.

We can do this, but . . .
But we have got to get our shi* together. (WE!)
(Surprise! You may just find Civics 2.0 fun & rewarding.)

Life is busy. We get it.

Can you call time-out on just a few things to make room for your country?

Really.  We could use a time-out, because we know that life can feel overloaded.  

We (19 “regular” Americans) spent 18 months collaborating to dig for answers.  Is America Broken? We think we found answers, but It took way more time and energy than any one American can do on their own.  And over 200 interviews too!

We consider the small book, the 11 Secrets, our gift to all Americans.  BTW . . . there is no “hidden money” behind this effort. This is truly grass-roots stuff you can be part of.  To make it legit, a 501(c)(3) organization was formed with the aim: to bring forth civic engagement opportunities that help to “Re-Member We The People.”  (We will explain what it means to “Re-Member.” Oh, and 501(c)(3) means that no one owns Fighting To Understand, that donations are tax deductible and that we are tax exempt; but we intend to deliver a very valuable service to America).

It was tricky to figure out what is broken in America.  Even more tricky is figuring out how to tell the story to 330-million different Americans.  People from 50 states, across 5 generations, various races, ethnicities, creeds, educations . . . all created equal under the law.  All in pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness. But differently.

So, please realize that there will be things in Fighting To Understand (and the overall Civics 2.0 movement) that do not quite feel like a fit.  We simply will not get 330-million Americans to move as one on everything. But hang in there! We break it down in the 11 Secrets.

The book, and the free videos, tell in plain language how we got so divided and provides action steps to get back on our feet.