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Mission and Founding Principles

Our Mission

The mission of Fighting To Understand is to make seemingly complicated topics into “simply complicated.”  We do this by forming a collaborative cross-section of “regular” people to fight to understand a topic, in as much complexity as we can muster.  We then present the findings to other regular people.  Our maiden voyage: Is America Broken?

Our Founding principle

Our founding principle includes the belief that “regular” people of goodwill, paying attention while interacting with life, can act as a jury or a group of scientists in search of holistic understanding. 

About the Founder

Ted Wetzel, attempts to be such a “regular” person and relishes the chance to collaborate with others of goodwill.  As that “regular” person, Ted has been trying to pay attention while in roles of husband, father, son, brother, uncle, grandfather, friend, student, neighbor, coach, engineer, marketer, salesperson, instructor, business owner, worshipper, encourager, inventor, appreciator of arts, writer, speaker . . . and more.