Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fighting To Understand a disguise for socialism?

No. Fighting to Understand is not a disguise for socialism. FTU is no more a vehicle for socialism then the intent of our founders: we the people . .  . equal under the law . . . pursuing the inalienable rights of life, liberty and happiness.  Fighting to Understand is about balance, which does include a concern for the commonwealth and for the creation of wealth through capitalism. See also this link to the Circle Model of Where Liberals and Conservatives Meet.

Is Fighting To Understand a disguised return to so called “Christian roots?”

No. Fighting To Understand is not a disguised return to “Christian roots.” FTU is rooted in basic human values of inclusive goodwill, which we believe do include Christian values, Jewish values, Muslim values, Hindu values, Buddhist values, Quaker values, etc. Exploration of  the 7 ground rules is intended to be a foundation from which we can rebuild these shared values.

Did FTU (Fighting To Understand) spring from a bigger organization?

No.  FTU was started out of a desire to make sense of divided America, because, well it did not seem to make any sense. One curiosity led to another and after 9 months we formed a fledgling 501(C)(3) non-profit organization in January 2019. 18 original collaborators joined the effort in search of how we might “re-member” We The People.  The book, Is America Broken? was published in March 2020, 2 years after it began.

How are FTU activities funded?

FTU activities are mostly funded by the voluntary work of people who place high value on life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, for as many we-the-peoples as can fit under the umbrella we call America.  Many generous suppliers work at reduced rates or pro bono.  Sales of books are a help, as are generous donations from individuals who support of our work.  More and more philanthropic organizations are interested in supporting the work of preserving/advancing the dream of our founders’ “democracy”.

FTU seems rather all-inclusive. Is there anyone who does not belong?

Since the founding of our imperfect Democratic Republic, the Constitution has shown itself to be quite expandable.  After over 240 years, we including so many more people in We The People, that we like to call it We The People 2.0.  We believe that a person who yearns for “united we stand” will feel a natural connection to FTU-type of people, and will feel welcomed.  Likewise, people who yearn for a strategy of “divided America” will not feel a part of FTU-type people, and we suppose will exclude themselves.  We encourage all Americans to consider the 7 Ground Rules.  

Does FTU ever endorse a candidate or a party?

Fighting To Understand is a 501(c)(3) Corporation on a mission to make seemingly complicated topics into “simply complicated.” We do this by forming a collaborative cross-section of “regular” people to fight to understand a topic, in as much complexity as we can muster.  We then present the findings to other regular people, in hopes that meaningful action can result.  As a 501(c)(3) we are focused on civic learning for the full cross-section of Americans.  It goes against our mission to endorse a candidate.

For being a non-violent organization, why is the word Fighting in the name?

Although certain people bristle at the word “fighting,” it is kept in our name because it causes pause. The word “fighting” causes some of us to do a double-take. We could substitute words like struggling, or wishing, or listening, or loving, or dialoguing, or inwardly reflecting to understand. Questioning the meaning of our words is in fact a core principle for building trust. And you are correct to ask this question because another core principle for building trust is our commitment to non-violence. See also

Does the FTU organization lean conservative or liberal or what?

If we are true to our mission, we wish to be found true to all Americans, whether of any political flavor – so long as being of goodwill.   We are not in favor of a middle-of-the-road, bland tasting, average, homogenized milk toast sort of existence, but rather of a greater-than-the-sum-of-the-parts vibrant collaboration, appreciation, curiosity, creativity that seeks balance of meritocracy and equal opportunity.  We seek to Fight To Understand.

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