Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fighting To Understand a disguise for socialism?

No. Fighting to Understand is not a disguise for socialism. FTU is no more a vehicle for socialism then the intent of our founders: we the people . . . . equal under the law . . . pursuing the inalienable rights of life, liberty and happiness.  Fighting to Understand is about balance, which does include a concern for the Commonwealth. See also this link to the Circle Model of Liberal and Conservative.

Is Fighting To Understand a disguised return to so called “Christian roots?”

No. Fighting To Understand is not a disguised return to “Christian roots.” FTU is rooted in basic human values of inclusive goodwill, which we believe do include Christian values, Jewish values, Muslim values, Hindu values, Buddhist values, Quaker values, etc. Exploration of  the 7 ground rules is intended to be a foundation from which we can rebuild these shared values.

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