Here’s the intro to...

Democracy only works with disagreement, and

We are unskilled at constructive disagreement

There are many reasons to say that America is broken.
Here is one surprising reason why WE can fix it. Because...
WE can become skilled at disagreement!
And, hey, in America, we are really good at building skills.
So, you are invited (needed, really) to build this critical skill.
Think of building the skill like going on a “road trip.”
A road trip of divisive issues, where WE,
through constructive disagreement, re-discover our American citizenship!

Yes, Willie Nelson is invited too!

There is no obligation beyond your first DaaFD™ road-trip. Come back when you are ready for another.

There are 3 road-rules to join this citizenship road-trip:

  1. Desire to understand and support your community.
  2. A desire to love and understand your neighbor
  3. A desire to show up with your whole self (just don’t be offensive)
You don’t need to read a book or take a course.
You don’t need to join (or leave) a political party.

You don’t need to abandon your values.
Just show up. It’s all based on these 5-chairs.
It’s a brave step, and it’s
easier than you might think!
First, for 35-minutes, over dinner, you’ll make 4 new friends with easy icebreakers.
Second, you’ll move to an area with about 45 chairs arranged as an audience facing the empty 5-chairs labeled “agree strongly” to “disagree strongly.” A moderator reviews the three road rules, and introduces the divisive statement for the dialogue. Audience members are invited to fill the 5-chairs.* Click here for examples of divisive statements.
The 5 volunteer voices explore the divisive topic through dialogue, rather than debate. The audience participates in the exploring too. After 50 minutes of exploring as a whole group of 30 to 60 participants, everyone then returns to their original dinner tables for dessert and more exploring. That’s it. Easy, right?! And of course, there is no fighting 🙂

Are you ready for a citizenship-test-drive?

There is no obligation beyond your first DaaFD™ road-trip. Come back when you’re ready for another. Or, maybe you’d rather warm up with a solo road trip … Click here for EZ starter steps

How’s this 5- point summary?

  1. Democracy is rooted in disagreement.
  2. We are (I am) not skilled at constructive disagreement. But I can be!
  3. I desire to love and understand my country.
  4. I desire to love and understand my neighbor.
  5. I’ll bring my whole self (and not be offensive).