Is America Broken?

Yes – Our civil discourse is now name calling and cancellation

Yes – Our Government no longer responds to WE THE PEOPLE, but to lobbyists and Big Money

Yes – Many feel they are losing their liberty and that justice is no longer blind

Yes – Many portray America as deeply divided with 50% for and 50% against most issues

Yes – Our Citizenship is threatened by election integrity, the bedrock of democracy. 

Can America be repaired?

Yes – America was founded on disagreement.  We have had at least three previous major disagreements and each one has improved We The People: 

Version 1.0 – emerged from the American Revolution

Version 2.0 – emerged from the Civil War

Version 3.0 – emerged from Woman’s suffrage

Version 4.0 – emerging Today 

What is the secret to recovery?

At present, most of us are not good at disagreement. 

WE can fix it. Because…

WE can become skilled at disagreement!

In America, we are really good at building skills.

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How can I become involve?

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